Questions about Prop 64:

When does Prop 64 take effect?

January 1, 2018

How does this effect me?

Well... under Prop 64, recreational marijuana use is finally legal (Yay!)... and will be taxed (Booo!)

So I don't need a doctor's recommendation anymore?

Yes and no. Only some facilities will be licensed to sell recreational marijuana. For access and convenience a medical recommendation may be the right choice for you.  There will also be a slight tax exemption and higher dosage limits for those of you with medical recommendations. 

Oh yeah, taxes... How much will the tax be?

There is a 34.5% tax on recreational marijuana sales. This tax includes state, city and "sales and use".

What is the tax exemption for medical use?

Those with a "regular" medical recommendation receive a 5% tax break (29.5% total tax) on marijuana. Patients with a medical recommendation from a Los Angeles County doctor will receive a 14.5% tax break (20% total tax) on marijuana.

Which doctors are Los Angeles County doctors?

You can find a list here.